Business Renovation Financing Platform

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Canadian Easy Loans, through my partner Canadian Financial, have implemented a new program allowing home improvement and reno companies to attract new customers and convert more quotes leveraging our technology and funding programs for free.

We register your business as an affiliate partner in a matter of minutes creating a co-branded landing page embedded with your logo for you. You can start offering financing immediately. Offering a monthly payment solution to clients will drive revenues up and also helps to upsell services.

Advertising can be done by embedding the link on your website and social media. The landing page link is used for the potential client to apply directly to the lenders to get pre-approved for projects whether for a kitchen makeover or a complete rebuild.

There is no limit on the amount of funding or project size.You are notified immediately by email when a client is quickly approved and funded so you can contact them right away and set the terms...deposit etc.. No more waiting to get paid!

Canadian Easy Loans offers low interest 2% money, lines of credit private funding and quick funding money up to $250,000 with no appraisal and legal costs to the borrower. See Ontario Only Financing Platform below.

As a perk businesses can earn passive non-taxable income on every loan that gets approved and funded by our lenders.

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Ontario Only Financing Platform

In Ontario the financing platform for home renovation companies offers more options for borrowers.

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