Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you a bank?
  • What are your interest rates?
  • Do you do personal loans?
  • Does my credit score matter?
  • What is the new QEarn platform?
  • Can I pay my loan back early?
  • Does it cost anything to apply for a loan?
  • Do you do bad credit loans?
  • Is the process easy to apply for a loan?
  • Do you do auto loans?
Canadian Easy Loans is a broker for Canadian Financial, a Fintech financing platform, Canada-wide, with over 220 lenders including all of the major banks supporting over 23 programs including traditional and alternative lenders.
Our interest rates are very competitive and even lower in most cases than the traditional banks as loan submissions whether a mortgage, personal loan, or a business loan goes into a pool of lenders who compete to fund the borrower's request. This bodes well for the borrower as compared to walking into a bank.
Yes, we do. Canadian Easy Loans caters to consumers for all types of loans offered in the marketplace Canada-wide for all credit profiles.
Your credit score is important and always in the majority of loan types looked at to determine your credibility and ability to pay. If seeking any loan type, always know your credit score as the lender will ask.
It is a new and innovative QR code technology created by Canadian Financial to allow you to become a member of our rewards program as an affiliate as a business or an individual and earn Canadian Financial Coins simply by offering your customer base the ability to access over 25 traditional and alternative products which consist of debt facilities, insurance programs and financial technology products.
Most loan types whether personal or business are open loans that can be paid out at any time without penalty.
Most loans cost nothing in fees to apply for. For some types of traditional lending for businesses a retainer is paid but only if there are interested lenders. If the loan goes forward an additional Origination fee is charged as the banks pay us nothing for our service.
Yes. Canadian Easy Loans has a number of alternative lenders for both personal and business loans including such products as personal loans, renovation financing, auto loans, mortgages, equipment financing, business loans and more.
Yes, it is a simple, easy process where the borrower can be sent a link and apply for most loan types from the comfort of their living room. No need to ever walk through the doors of a bank. The borrower gets to avoid all the red tape and the waiting process experienced at a bank to find out if you have even been approved. It will be a fully digitized experience. The borrower will experience quick approvals and fast funding for any loan type for all credit profiles.

Canadian Easy loans does loans for autos, trucks, RV’s, marine, motorcycles, power sports and more.