Linking small and medium size businesses in Fort McMurray and Alberta to the expert services and the education they need to get alternative funding is one of my greatest passions. In fact, that is the main reason why I started Troy Financial Solutions Corporation (TFSC), in Fort McMurray, 10 years ago. Making solid, validated connections in the financing world and partnering with Canadian Financial, recently, has led me to establish Canadian Easy Loans.

I have an additional five (5) years’ experience in financial services providing financial needs analysis, budget creation and a ‘how money works’ education service for families.

I am, also, a family-oriented man, and have taught my children the importance of honesty and trust. Treating people with respect is an important message I had the privilege of passing on to the youth groups and teams I have mentored over the years.

Working to live out your dreams through commitment to your ideals and being propelled ever forward by your achievements and not faltering from one’s failures takes personal integrity and a strong commitment. I have always accepted the challenge and encouraged others to do the same.

Why us?

Canadian Easy Loans, through Canadian Financial, has one word to answer your question when asking for financing. Absolutely!

 Are you happy with your bank? Do you want an alternative source of funding with the best rates and terms to offer in the country? Do you want a dedicated account manager one phone call away? Would you like to have all of your business financing needs met within one wheelhouse?

Canadian Financial, a Canada wide Fintech Financing platform, with 23 programs supported by over 200 lenders including all of the major banks has justifiably earned the trust of the business community. Canadian Easy Loans mission is to tailor our financing solutions to meet the specific requirements of small and medium size businesses in Fort McMurray and Alberta.

  • Business Hours:
    Monday - Friday : 9 AM - 5 PM



Canadian Easy Loans