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Canadian Easy loans wants to take the stress out of leasing a piece of equipment for your business. Whether you are a construction company needing a new bulldozer for a project or a truck driver wanting to purchase a new or used trailer for your rig, Canadian Easy Loans is here to help. With 23 lenders we offer financing for all credit profiles. Rates start at 5.9% with a zero down option. The Private Buyer/Seller market is also supported.

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Canadian Easy Loans are pleased to offer Equipment Lease Buy-Backs as a product which can help a business alleviate a poor cash flow issue. There can be many reasons why a business requires an injection of cash such as a slow period or the need of capital for an upcoming new project or investment. A Lease Buy-Back resolves that issue.

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Canadian Easy Loans offers Commercial Lease Buyback programs as sometimes a business that is cash strapped may have too much equipment sitting and depreciating in value or need an injection of capital. A Lease Buyback is a great way to solve cash flow concerns by selling a piece of equipment to us and we lease it back. The positive result is freed up capital for your business and a 100% tax write off for that equipment!

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