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Are you looking to purchase equipment for your business but don’t have enough capital? Do you want to bulk up your inventory to better meet the demands of your clients? Well, then you are in luck as I offer a floor planning product with excellent terms. Floor planning is inventory financing for new or used equipment and machinery.

Green light industries and products that would benefit from an inventory floor plan include home improvement companies who install AC, HVAC and furnaces or any heating and cooling equipment plus heavy equipment businesses selling machinery, trailers, tractors, heavy trucks, forklifts, boom lifts, forestry, agriculture and shipping containers.

It allows startups and existing businesses to source financing that will enable their enterprises to scale up rapidly and experience increased revenues and enhanced profit margins.

Businesses can expect a 30-60% margin on sales by using my lenders. It allows companies to maintain a healthy cash flow without self-financing inventory. Also, by utilizing a floor plan and buying in bulk, savings can be realized by negotiating more significant discounts from suppliers.

Therefore, businesses who want to leverage lenders for a minimum of $250K to $500K at 4.9% to 8% for boosting inventory in peak periods should make use of this fantastic product. No collateral is needed for new or used equipment, and if floor plan financing is required on a larger scale, I can also fund those requests.

When opting for the floor plan, businesses can take advantage of no payments for six months and interest only with the option of a twelve to twenty-four-month term. The best part is that companies can repeat the process once the floor plan is utilized and payments are completed.

Also, it’s an open loan that can get paid out at any time based on a business’s sales cycle without penalty. In addition, there is no minimum length of time in business or revenue requirements.

On a final note, the floor plan product is here to stay and is available indefinitely. So you can sell inventory again and again by benefiting from other people’s money financed at a low-interest rate. Sounds too good to be true?

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