How Small And Medium-Sized Businesses Can Avoid Common Cash Flow Challenges

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Cash flow is the key indicator of how a business is performing. When a company maintains a good level of working capital, it can meet obligations promptly without needing to borrow money. 

However, at Canadian Easy Loans, we have come across a lot of businesses that often do not keep their financial statements up-to-date, which makes it very difficult to determine whether their business is healthy or unhealthy.

While we know managing cash flow is difficult, especially for small and medium-sized businesses but it’s necessary to make sure financial difficulties won’t disrupt the operation of your business.

To help businesses improve and manage cash flow situations, we have put together a list of how small and medium-sized businesses can avoid common cash flow challenges.

1. Hire a competent bookkeeper or accountant

Having a competent bookkeeper or accountant is the necessary first step. Keeping track of your withdrawals and deposits, aged receivables, paid overhead expenses, balances, and important financial information crucial to running a healthy cash flow business is a must. If you do not understand financial statements, a good bookkeeper or accountant can explain the statements and what they mean for your business.

Up-to-date financials are a must and readily available to provide for lenders who may be funding your business.

2. Have a consistent cash flow

Another problem faced by small and medium-size businesses is having the inadequate cash flow to maintain day-to-day operations or to take on new projects. It is crucial for small and medium-sized business owners to implement solid cash management strategies to maximize cash flow.

3. Utilize the cash flow statement

A business’s financial statements identify most of the problems and, once identified, can help a business find solutions. Below are listed a few examples:

a. Aged receivables: If a business is forced to wait for sixty to ninety days or longer to get paid on completed work, this can result in a huge drain on cash reserves. A business may be finding it difficult to balance payroll and day-to-day operational expenses.

One solution is to offer a discount that is 2% to companies to pay you sooner. To receive monies faster, a business may also want to consider a short-term loan, PO financing, or factoring. Though an alternative short-term business loan is recommended, PO financing and factoring are feasible.

If profit margins are set that allows a healthy return on projects, these types of funding will offset the cost of borrowing and still allow good returns.

b. Taking on new projects: A problem with especially new businesses and small and medium-sized businesses is not being able to finance new projects as often more manpower, inventory, equipment, and wages need to be paid for upfront.

Financing is a solution that allows a business to relieve not only stress but promotes the growth of a business. Short-term funding with an unsecured loan through alternative lenders or a secured loan through traditional lenders such as banks is the answer.

Using an alternative lender is often the best solution, even though the interest rate is a bit higher as funds are available within a few days. A business gets to avoid the red tape and time required, which is typical when dealing with a bank.

Equipment lease financing is a viable option for equipment where the asset is considered an expense and monthly payments are a 100% tax write-off.

4. Avoid high payments on high-interest loans

Having a high debt load with high-interest loans is a real detriment to having a healthy cash flow. Merchant Cash Advances are quite often used by businesses seeking immediate cash.

It is highly recommended that a business establish a relationship with a traditional lender to consolidate the debt. Lower interest rates and a more reasonable monthly payment will allow a business to grow its cash reserves and relieve the stress of trying to meet its day-to-day operational expenses. Though the initial line of credit may not be the best terms and conditions a business is seeking, once the trust is built with that lender over time, they will more readily provide the financial backing a business needs. An unsecured business loan is a solution where a business can borrow up to 100% of its monthly cash flow without any collateral required.

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