Why A Renovation Company In Ontario Would Benefit From Offering Financing!

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The purpose of renovation financing is to allow home improvement businesses the luxury of offering finance directly to their clients to get pre-approved for projects, whether big or small, with no umbrella on the amount of financing that can be provided. As an expert in the field, I at Canadian Easy Loans want to tell you more about how signing on as an affiliate through my digitized QEarn platform with my lending partner, Canadian Financial, allows home improvement businesses to offer renovation financing directly to potential clients. 

When signed as an affiliate, the renovation business gets a landing page with its logo with a digitized link that can be utilized on its website and social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Potential clients can apply directly to the lenders using the landing page link or their website. The lender pays the client upfront for the project, which eliminates the renovation company having to wait to get paid.  There is no limit on the amount of money a client can borrow to finance a project which is great for up-selling.

Multiple financing options are offered to the client, including twelve months of no payment. The interest rates start at 2.99%. Also, when giving a quote for a renovation project, the potential client must be informed every time about the financing option. This approach will lead to more closed deals and increased revenue for your home improvement business. 

Here’s an example of your landing page: https://www.canadian-financial.ca/brian-troy/renovation-financing

Renovation companies who sign on as an affiliate have the added perk of being able to earn passive non-taxable income with CFC coins. Suppose one of your clients applies for renovation financing and is approved by the lenders. https://www.canadian-financial.ca/brian-troy/qearn/

Suppose one of your clients applies for renovation financing and is approved by the lenders; in that case, you will be notified immediately via email as the client is tagged to your affiliate link. Even if the client decides to go with another renovation company after being approved, your business still makes passive income and gets credit for the loan with CFC coins. The only problem that may exist would be related to an affiliate signed on for renovation financing would be not advertising their available financing option with clients or not displaying it on their website and social media.

Canadian Financial has over 250 lenders, including all of the major banks in their network Canada wide and are a BBB A+ accredited business. Brian Troy is the Business Development Manager of Canadian Financial

Give him a call at 780-838-9478 or an email at brian.troy@cfgc.ca, and he will find a day and time at your convenience to set up a phone call, or a google meets presentation. 

Aspects of working with Canadian Financial 

Renovation companies can utilize their affiliate link offering financing to clients for potential funding of projects in three ways:

1. Embed your landing page link on your company website so that potential clients know your business offers financing. We can assist you with this.

2. When your company is doing a quote on a potential renovation job, inform them that you offer financing and send your landing page link directly to the client. A client deciding that they may want to do more renovations as a low monthly payment is appealing to their budget. A low monthly payment of $733/month has more appeal compared to paying $180,000 now for a renovation project. 

3. Optimizing social media to get the word out that financing is available for your clients is very important. Imagine potential clients seeing “Twelve months no payment” or “Interest rates start at 2.99%.”

If you are looking for a mortgage broker in Fort Mcmurray, Alberta, then reach out to me at Canadian Easy Loans. Making solid, validated connections in the financing world and partnering with Canadian Financial, recently, has led me to establish this company. As a Canada-wide Fintech Financing platform, with twenty-three programs supported by over two hundred lenders including all of the major banks, I have justifiably earned the trust of the business community. I offer services like mortgages and home equity line of credit (HELOC), unsecured business loans, construction loans (land acquisitions), etc., to clients across Fort Mcmurray, Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Grande Prairie, Cold Lake, Lethbridge, Alberta, and all over Canada. To learn more about the services I offer, please click here. To get in touch with me, please click here

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