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A personal loan is an amount of money you can borrow to use for various purposes. Personal loans are typically used for purchasing a vehicle, financing a holiday, consolidating debt, or renovating a home. You borrow a specific amount, and you’re required to pay back the loan over a fixed period of time at a fixed interest rate. 

Advantages of personal loans over other types of lending include rapid disbursal, attractive rates of interest, flexible tenors, minimal paperwork, no collateral required, and easy qualification, and no restriction on use. All in all, availing of a personal loan is a good idea if you have a stable income and a good credit score because you will then be offered a low rate of interest with minimal hassle.

At Canadian Easy Loans, we have recently added personal loans to our list of products. By offering an alternative to the banks for consumers, we feel that such valued products, including secured and unsecured personal loans, bad credit loans, and renovation loans allow our clients to avoid the red tape and the longer wait times atypical when dealing with traditional lenders. 

We similarly believe that offering alternative lenders to clients for personal loans allows borrowers the convenience of receiving funding within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Though the interest rate is a bit higher than the banks, personal loans are open, which means the client can pay them out at any time.

You see, the personal loans offered by us can be used by anybody regardless of credit profile for fast cash to meet their funding needs. In other words, personal loans can be arranged even for clients who may not have the best credit, carry minimal paperwork, and require a quick turnaround for paying bills that are due or anything for which the funds are needed.

Another reason for choosing Canadian Easy Loans is we are not a brokerage and thus can approve and fund very quickly. Additionally, we understand personal loans are the prime source of direct financing for our clients, and our borrowers can be financed right from the comfort of their living room.

All that is required is a permanent address, a full-time job, and three months’ worth of bank statements. If you are worried about the costs of a personal loan, don’t. There is no cost other than the interest rate on the loan.

Other than personal loans from us, we also offer auto, truck, RV, motorcycle, boat, and power-sport financing and personal loans through the traditional lenders, including the banks.  

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