A Handbook To Canadian Easy Loans’ Financial Products

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A Handbook to Canadian Easy Loans’ Financial Products

Applying for a mortgage or loan can be a daunting task. This is because borrowing money involves more than walking into a bank and signing essential documents. There is a lot of work done behind the scene before you can own a home. As a layperson with limited knowledge of the financial industry, acquiring a loan or mortgage can be very difficult. Most borrowers look at their options by focusing on the interest rates. However, choosing the right financial instrument involves more than considering interest rates, fees, and other costs. You have to assess your financial situation and see what mortgage terms are best for you.

Sometimes, banks might not be willing to lend you the exact amount you need. But, when the banks say no, I can say yes. I leverage your borrowing power with an extensive network of lenders to find the perfect mortgage loan for you. At Canadian Easy Loans, I listen, evaluate, and then find solutions. To learn all about what I have to offer, I have put together a handbook for the financial products I provide. Keep reading to see some of the key options I have to offer for different requirements.

1. Working capital loans
A working capital loan is a short-term loan intended to balance the operations of a business to cover wages, day-to-day operations or hire more employees to take on a new project. An injection of capital allows a business to adapt when experiencing growth. Equipment and A/R are two examples of assets that can be leveraged.

2. Equipment lease financing
Often a business needs to purchase new equipment. I offer equipment lease financing through an easy process where clients have a pool of over twenty lenders at their fingertips. The tax benefits of lease financing are that the monthly payments are non-reporting and a 100% tax write-off. Canadian Easy Loans can also facilitate private seller and buyer transactions.

3. Leasehold improvements
Often a business owner may want to tailor their rental property to their needs. This could often take on the form of totally revamping the interior of their premises. I can provide financing at competitively low rates through a simple, streamlined process.

4. Land acquisitions, new development, and construction
Often customers have plans to build a new home or a commercial building and need a short-term loan to purchase a lot or to develop a piece of land before the construction phase. I can offer financing as a short-term solution to ease the stress of getting the land you want. Just remember that timing can be everything.

I offer short-term construction loans, usually for a set term, i.e., one to two years, to meet your immediate needs for a new commercial or residential building covering project costs. This short-term loan leads into a couple of long-term funding options where you can re-finance the construction loan into a mortgage or re-finance the construction loan to pay it off with an end loan. I offer both.

5. Consumer financing
All of the big companies offer financing solutions for their clients. I make it possible for small and medium-sized businesses to compete with them by setting them up to offer instant financing at point of sale (POS). This applies to any retail business selling a ticket item over $500. There is an easy setup with no credit risk to the merchant as the lenders assume this just like any bank would. The financing I offer can go up to $25,000 and supports prime and subprime clients.

6. Renovation Financing
I offer a renovation financing program to any business in the home improvement industry all throughout Canada. The list of trades includes general contractors, HVAC, home renovators, landscaping, furnace installers, electrical and plumbing, fencing contractors, roofing companies, and many more.

Contractors can offer instant decisions at the point of sale up to $100,000 with amortization as far out as a hundred and eighty months with no income verification under $40,000. With a low-interest rate open loan that can be paid out at any time, this offers clients a flexible buy now pay later option.

How to make the most of my services?

a. Ask questions
Whenever clients contact me seeking financing, I make sure that I listen first and ask questions before looking for solutions. I put the client ahead of commissions. I want to solve any financial issues they have, and when they ask if I can help, I will say absolutely. The Power of Saying Yes is supported by a network of over two hundred and thirty lenders, including all of the major banks.

b. Go through all the financing options
Canadian Easy Loans is a Fintech financing platform Canada-wide with twenty-three programs supported by a huge network of over two hundred and thirty lenders. My goal is to provide businesses and consumers the lowest cost of borrowing in Canada. Any loan submission is introduced to a large network of lenders who basically fight to secure the underwriting of that loan. I allow clients to leverage their borrowing power with a pool of lenders so that they don’t have to be committed to a yes or no from one bank.

3. Understand the process
I have an easy, streamlined process. After identifying a client’s loan type and the amount of funding needed, I will have them fill out and sign an application and provide a list of documents to their account manager. Once everything is in order, the account manager will package and submit it to the underwriters for approval. The underwriter submits the loan to a pool of lenders for that loan type. The process is quick, and an answer is given just as fast. A term sheet may be generated for traditional type business loans such as an operating line of credit once lenders express interest before moving forward as a retainer, and origination fees may apply. I am totally transparent and upfront, explaining any fee process that may apply.

If you are looking for mortgage brokers in Fort Mcmurray, Alberta, then reach out to me at Canadian Easy Loans. Making solid, validated connections in the financing world and partnering with Canadian Financial recently has led to establishing Canadian Easy LoansCanadian Easy Loans is a Fintech financing platform Canada-wide with twenty-three programs supported by a huge network of over two hundred and thirty lenders. My goal is to provide businesses and consumers the lowest cost of borrowing in Canada. To learn more about the services I offer, please click here. If you have a question, I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me here.