Frequently Asked Questions About The Various Types Of Financing Available

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Various Types of Financing Available - Blog by Canadian Easy Loans

Whether you’re looking to expand your business, raise money for land acquisition, a financial windfall to buy equipment or materials, financing is an easy way to increase the necessary capital. However, when it comes to the mortgage and finance sector, there are many questions clients have but often find answers difficult to come by. Canadian Easy Loans wants to arm you with the most accurate information to help you make informed decisions. To do this, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the various types of financing available.

1. What types of financing do you offer?
We offer a wide variety of residential and commercial mortgage financing. From HELOC, business loans, business acquisitions, franchise financing, auto, RV, marine, and power sports financing, equipment lease financing, operating lines of credit for corporate and individuals, leasehold improvements, and unsecured personal loans, we do it all and have you covered no matter what.

2. What sets Canadian Easy Loans apart from our competitors?
At Canadian Easy Loans, we guarantee we are the best alternative to the banks. With over two hundred and twenty lenders in our network, we give our clients the most choice and the lowest cost of mortgages in Canada.

3. Do you offer mortgages and finance services to all industries?
We offer finance to virtually every industry in Canada. We tailor your loan types unique to your business by teaching you what is available and doing an assessment before offering any solutions.

4. How can I improve my credit score?
At Canadian Easy loans, we offer a powerful credit improvement program called MyMarble. We know that times are tough, and your credit score can be negatively affected by factors out of your control. Our industry-leading software boosts your credit every month, giving you reassurance and confidence.

5. What is your Better Business Bureau rating?
We are partnered with Canadian Financial, a Federal FINTECH Platform providing twenty-plus different financial services with access to over two hundred lenders. Similarly, our Better Business Bureau rating is A+ with a reputation for consistently successful mortgage and financing solutions.

6. What are your interest rates?
Our interest rates are the lowest in the country as each loan submission goes before a pool of lenders who compete for your business. With such a large pool of lenders, including all of the central banks, we can leverage the borrowing power of consumers and companies to obtain the lowest interest rates in Canada.

7. What kind of fees do you charge?
For traditional lending, HELOC, for example, we charge no fees. For acquisitions and business loans through conventional lenders, we have a retainer and an origination fee for our services as we receive nothing from the lenders. For alternative types of lending such as equipment financing or unsecured business loans, there is no fee as the lenders pay us.

8. What are some of the special programs you offer small to medium size businesses?
We have a consumer financing program that allows small businesses to compete with large companies by offering instant financing of up to $25,000 to clients on any products they market with over a $500 ticket size. There are no costs to set up and no credit risk for the vendor as the lender assumes this. We also teach the vendor how to market this program. A similar program is offered to any businesses in the home improvement sector to deliver instant financing up to $100,000 for home renovations and home improvements such as furnace installation, building fences, and landscaping.

If you have any more questions about mortgage and lending options for businesses, get in touch with the experts at Canadian Easy Loans. With over twenty-three programs supported by over two hundred lenders, including all major banks, I have the perfect financing solution for every client. I offer bridge loans, mortgages, business loans, and land acquisition services.

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